About Ambergris Caye

Where Are We?

Nellie’s Property Management resides in the heart of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize. Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize which is bordered by Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and the Caribbean Sea. “La Isla Bonita” as Madonna eloquently nicknamed Ambergris Caye, is the main tourist destination in the country.

What About Ambergris Caye?

San Pedro Town itself is three streets wide and about 3 miles long. Everything you need is within easy walking distance: restaurants, bars, stores, galleries, gift shops, etc. Locals and tourists all spend a lot of time outdoors and the streets are alive with people 18 hours a day (but never crowded). Just walking around San Pedro is one of the primary vacation entertainments.

There is a wide variety of good restaurants, from $5 to $25 US, with Belizean, Italian, American and Continental food. (Most restaurants have a range of offerings.) There are numerous bars, many on the water, and live music is frequently found. Two discos are available for an energetic night life.

South of San Pedro, beachfront resorts and a few interesting restaurants are scattered along the 4- mile coast. Paradise Villas is located in the heart of San Pedro Town. Further North is a 1/2-mile residential area, then the San Pedro Cut. Beyond the cut is 20 miles of Northern Caye with isolated resorts; a few have interesting restaurants that are a short water-taxi ride away. You can cross the bridge with a golf cart for a small fee, or for free by bicycle or on foot.

Our currency is Belize dollars, which is steady at $2 BZ for $1 US. Don’t worry about changing money, every place in Belize accepts US money and gives you change in Belize dollars.

Winter days are in the 80s: warm in the sun, very comfortable in the shade. Prevailing onshore breezes increase the comfort. Standard clothing — shorts and t- shirts.

Winter nights are in the 70s: standard clothing the same, shorts and t-shirts. For occasional cool nights lightweight full-length clothes are useful. Same for sleeping. General rule: bring fewer clothes than you think you need and nothing formal.

One tip: leave your winter coat in your car at your hometown airport. Wear a sweatsuit layer for the airplane over a tropical layer for Belize arrival. When the plane lands in Belize City, take off the sweatsuit layer before you get off the plane.

Because of the prevailing winds, there are very few insects in San Pedro. For the 1/2 hour mosquito visit at dusk, cover up or use repellent.

We use purified rainwater for all kitchen and washing purposes. San Pedro has drinkable city water. Bottled drinking water is in ample supply in grocery stores and restaurants.

San Pedro has good basic medical and pharmacy services. There are several doctors available in the San Pedro Town including a PolyClinic. For severe illnesses and emergencies, people can be transported to Belize City.

We have never heard that vaccinations are needed, but you can ask the CDC or your doctor.

Everything you need is within an easy 5 to 10 minute walk. To travel further or faster, rent a golf cart, scooter, bicycle or hail one of the automobile taxis (Standard fare is $8 -10 Bz = $4 – $5 US per trip). You can give Nellie a call for more information on renting golf carts, scooters, bicycles or if you are interested in any tours.

How To Get Here?

Belize is accessed mainly by air. Usually tourists fly to Belize City (BZE) on American, Continental, Delta, US Airways, or TACA from many U.S. locations.

From Belize International fly Maya Island Air to San Pedro (011-501-226-2435-9 fax 011-501-226-2945). Air fare costs about $157.50 US round trip. If you e-mail your international air itinerary to Nellie Gomez, she will make Maya Island Air reservations for you to pick up and pay for at the Maya Island ticket counter. (As you leave customs, turn left and go through the inside door to enter the departure terminal, rather than leaving the airport).

We will meet you at the San Pedro airport and take you to the Paradise Villas.

For in-country travel, such as a trip to the Maruba Jungle Spa, talk to Nellie Gomez.

Why Belize?

Belize is home to many tourist attractions and but none greater than the 2nd largest barrier reef, which stretches along the Eastern coast and includes the great Blue Hole. Tourists from all over the world come to dive in our waters to get a chance to view the diversity of animal life that exists in our reefs.

Belize is also home to many Mayan Ruins and caves and a culture that is both friendly and outgoing.

There is much to do in Belize, in the outer cayes and much as in the rainforest. For more information, please check our section on tours.